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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Blodslitet D-åpen (16-10-2021)
Sábado 16 Outubro 2021
Categoria: Competition
Fredrikstadmarka, FSK, Norway
Ultra long|Resultados
First long orienteering race since giving birth. Masstart in D-åpen, got lost on the long leg to ctrl 1 and lost some minutes the...
6. OrienThun  (04-09-2021)
Sábado 4 Setembro 2021
Categoria: Competition
Honegg, Switzerland
Third time running a bit after giving birth in the beginning of July. So much fun! Ran the shortest difficult course (oldies) in n...
4. ImpOL (12-08-2021)
Quinta-Feira 12 Agosto 2021
Categoria: Competition
Sängeli, Switzerland
Orienteering walk carrying my son around. Nice to be in the forest and orienteer a bit again.
RTT middle distance #2 (07-02-2021)
Domingo 7 Fevereiro 2021
Categoria: Training
Tannhubel, RTT, Switzerland
Easy masstart with the same group as yesterday. I was slower than the others, so ran by myself. Forked course, and also nice. I dr...
RTT middle distance (06-02-2021)
Sábado 6 Fevereiro 2021
Categoria: Training
Chalchgraben, RTT, Switzerland
Nice technical training with a small group of RTT girls (corona restrictions). I took it easy, and dropped some controls, but stil...
Postplukk (23-01-2021)
Sábado 23 Janeiro 2021
Categoria: Training
Zollikofenwald, Beat, Switzerland