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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Control picking (24.03.2019)
Neděle 24 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
rørfjell, Norway
Relay training (24.03.2019)
Neděle 24 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Isebakketjern, Norway
Fun relay training with FSK. Good start the first 2 controls (I had the small hill as 1st control), but to the 3rd I run to fare d...
Wang sprint tour FINALE (20.03.2019)
Středa 20 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kongeskogen, Norway
Chasing start
Started out a bit less than 3min behind, and had an ok start to control 1, and a bit zigzag to 2. To the 3rd I got confused and di...
National Team Camp #6 || relay training (17.03.2019)
1st loop: misunderstood the terrain into control 1 and went to much down. Lost the field here. A little hesitation into control 2,...
National Team Camp #5 || Middle F (16.03.2019)
Bad start holding the map upside-down, but realized quite fast and turned and started over. Not careful enough up the hill and get...
National Team Camp #3 || Long (14.03.2019)
Čtvrtek 14 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tobroåsen, Norway
Good start to 1 and 2, but out of control 2 I though for a moment that I was on control 3, and used some seconds to get back on th...
O-morgen #129 (06.03.2019)
Středa 6 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Ingjerdstrand, Norway
Sverigepremiären Stafett (03.03.2019)
Neděle 3 březen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Furuboda, Sweden
Relay, úsek 3.|Výsledky
In team with Tone and Siri, and sadly we had troubles with a misplaced control on the 1st leg and lost a lot of time during the 1s...
Sverigepremiären Medel (02.03.2019)
Nice short, middle distance today. Ran a bit too motivated and made some unnecessary corners, but nothing big.
Sverigepremiären Öppen 9 (01.03.2019)
Ran in an easy pace, but really enjoyed the terrain! Fun course, and some nice slow fight with Siri and Tone. A little mistake at ...
Nydalen-samling #4 (01.03.2019)
Pátek 1 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tågaröd SO, Sweden
Nydalen-samling #3 (28.02.2019)
Čtvrtek 28 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tågaröd S, Sweden
O-langtur (24.02.2019)
Neděle 24 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Torsnes, Norway
Moment-o (23.02.2019)
Sobota 23 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Rørfjell, Norway
Difficult without controls in the forest, especially on the compass part. Thought I was at the 12th but never was, and had to give...
Gaflet fellesstart (23.02.2019)
Masstart with Andrine and Sigrid with Beat starting about 3min behind. Forked course, so did not see the others much, eventhough w...
AOOK trening #2 (09.02.2019)
Sobota 9 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bislett, Norway
AOOK trening (09.02.2019)
Sobota 9 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kampen, Norway
Sprint training (02.02.2019)
Sobota 2 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Birkelunden, Norway
Høiås day cup (12.01.2019)
Sobota 12 leden 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sandbakken, Norway