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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

NM stafett (15.09.2019)
Neděle 15 září 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Vin, Norway
Relay, úsek 2.|Výsledky
Gull med Tone på 1., meg på 2. og Anne Margrethe på 3. :) Tone startet med å være med tetgruppa rundt, og jeg ble sendt ut...
NM mellomdistanse (14.09.2019)
Sobota 14 září 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tjøme, Norway
Gledet meg til å løpe finalen etter gårsdagens morsomme kvalik. Var nok litt nervøs, for kjente at jeg var litt stressa ut fra...
NM mellom kvalifisering (13.09.2019)
Ble virkelig kastet rett ut i krevende mellomdistanseorientering i dag. Ble litt nøling til 1., men bra til 2.. Til tredje ble de...
NM langdistanse (12.09.2019)
Čtvrtek 12 září 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Vindoren, Norway
Not my day physically. Felt heavy and did not have the energy to push hard. Hesitate a lot to the first control (did not understan...
KM mellom (08.09.2019)
Neděle 8 září 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Ørfiskebekken, Norway
Came a bit more left than I wanted and ran via the rock to the first control, but got it well. To the 2nd I ran straight but a bit...
O.morgen #144 (04.09.2019)
Středa 4 září 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bjølsen, Norway
Nice sprint training in Nydalen. First we had to solve a Donald Duck crime while running up and down in a zigzag ramp and stairs. ...
7-70  (03.09.2019)
Úterý 3 září 2019
Kategorie: Training
Sandermosen, Norway
Sprintliga #9 heat A (01.09.2019)
Neděle 1 září 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Ranheim, Norway
Sprint masstart|Výsledky
A bit sore in my hamstrings in the morning, so decided to run the heat masstart in a controlled speed, and never do any fast accel...
Sprintliga #8 rerun (31.08.2019)
Sobota 31 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tonstad, Norway
Sprint rerun|Výsledky
I decided to give it a try, but with the plan to quit the race if the hamstrings complained, but it went ok so I ran the whole rac...
Sprintliga #7 (31.08.2019)
Sobota 31 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tonstad, Norway
I was very unsure about the races this weekend after having problems with my left hamstrings since the beginning of August (forcin...
AOOK sprint training 2 (28.08.2019)
Středa 28 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bjølsen, Norway
Several difficult long routechoices. To the 1st I first wanted to go right on the big road, but realized quick that I had to go st...
AOOK sprint training 1 (28.08.2019)
Středa 28 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bjølsen, Norway
A bit sprint rusty, so felt slow technically in the first part, but came through ok. Unsure about my route to control 5, 6 and 7, ...
KM-stafett (25.08.2019)
Neděle 25 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Dikemark, Norway
Relay, úsek 3.|Výsledky
In team with Anna Ulvensøen and Emilie Westin. I was sent out 10min behind BSK and HSK, and a bit closer to Tyrving and Oppsal. I...
WOC spectator race #6 (17.08.2019)
Very wet race with streaming rain. Ran a controlled race physically, but technically it was more challanging than yesterday. High ...
WOC spectator race #5 (16.08.2019)
A bit suprised that the map was in 1:15000 when I took my map and ran off towards the start point. Not normal for a middle distanc...
WOC model event (12.08.2019)
Pondělí 12 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Rudskogen, Norway
AOOK sommer training intervals 2 (08.08.2019)
New masstart with Anne Margrethe and Sigrid. I stayed rather straight when they went more right towards the first control. However...
AOOK sommer training intervals (08.08.2019)
Masstart with Anne Margrethe and Sigrid. Came a bit too much to the left over the marsh, which gave the two others a small gap tow...
AOOK sommer training (04.08.2019)
Neděle 4 srpen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Vestmarkssetra, Norway
Made a parallel mistake into control 1 thinking it looked a bit different than expected, but it had all the way up to the top as w...
O-ringen stage 5 (27.07.2019)
Sobota 27 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Ågelsjöbergen, Sweden
Long chase|Výsledky
Startet out wih Josefin Tjernlund, but took charge towards the 1st control. Hesitated the last part because I could not see my con...
O-ringen stage 4 (26.07.2019)
Pátek 26 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Jursla, Sweden
Felt ok physically before the start, and towards control 1 I wanted to get the reentrance a bit left of the line and then up to th...
O-ringen stage 3 (24.07.2019)
Středa 24 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Industrilandskapet, Sweden
Stable sprint performance today. Not sure if all my routechoices were the best ones, but all in all I am satisfied with the race. ...
O-ringen stage 2 (23.07.2019)
Úterý 23 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Grosvad, Sweden
Very tired legs from yesterday, but gave it a try. Ok to 1, but to control 2 I thought I saw the hill with the cliff to the left o...
O-ringen stage 1 (22.07.2019)
Pondělí 22 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Loreberget/Grosvad, Sweden
Started out OK to control 1, and tried to run straight using the compass to control 2 but could not understand what I saw and ende...
O-ringen training (21.07.2019)
Neděle 21 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kolmårdenstak, Sweden
WOC precamp #6 (19.07.2019)
Pátek 19 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Mossemarka, Norway
WOC precamp #5 - Long distance (18.07.2019)
Ok start to control 1, but a little bit stakato with all the cliffs and borders to pass. Struggle a bit to understand the map towa...
WOC precamp #4 (17.07.2019)
Středa 17 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Årvolltangen, Norway
WOC precamp #3 (17.07.2019)
Středa 17 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kirkebygden, Norway
A bit tired so not as focused as I had wished for, but ran ok technically except of leg nr 3 where I lost track of where I was aft...
WOC precamp #2 - Middle Distance (16.07.2019)
Úterý 16 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Våler varde, Norway
A bit "training tired" legs, but ok motivated to run. Had an ok and safe start, and can follow the pace of the other two women (Ma...
AOOK training (10.07.2019)
Středa 10 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Nøklevann, Norway
WOC selection race middle (07.07.2019)
Neděle 7 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Guttersrød, Norway
I tried, but the race was a day or two too early after my sickness. I startet focused and well, and was 4th after about 15min of r...
WOC training (06.07.2019)
Sobota 6 červenec 2019
Kategorie: Training
Skolleborg, Norway
WOC selection race long (05.07.2019)
Sick, so only jogging the shortes way back to the finnish.
National Team Camp #6 || relay training (25.06.2019)
First interval start I went out in a big group behind Ingeborg who were starting first. To the startpoint it was very narrow and n...
National Team Camp #4 || Long (23.06.2019)
Neděle 23 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Gillingsrød, Norway
Started 1hrs before the rest to be able to join my grandmothers 85th birthday. All alone in the forest it was a bit difficult to g...
National Team Camp #3 (22.06.2019)
Sobota 22 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kjærringåsen, Norway
A bit old map, so no lidar, but nice terrain in this part of the area.
National Team Camp #2 || middle distance (21.06.2019)
Stable technical race, but a bit too much hesitation in some areas and lose quite some time on the long leg to 5 because I run mor...
National Team Camp #1  (20.06.2019)
Čtvrtek 20 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kjærringåsen, Norway
Old map, and the vegitation was not correct.
Venla 2019 (16.06.2019)
Neděle 16 červen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Valkeisvuori, Kangasala, Finland
Relay, úsek 3.|Výsledky
Good relay leg from me. Saw some runners all the way, but quite many forkings in the beginning so kind of ran my own race. On the ...
Venla training #4 (14.06.2019)
Long way to the start. To the 1st control I could have been more careful with my compass in the first part to avoid the corner via...
Venla training #3 (13.06.2019)
Much nicer and cooler terrain than the two previous trainings. Still challanging though. Mostly happy with my technique on this tr...
Venla training #2 (13.06.2019)
Čtvrtek 13 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Majaalahti, Finland
A bit nicer terrain than yesterday, but still rather rocky ground and green. The slope to the 3rd control was difficult, and I hes...
Venla training #1 (12.06.2019)
Středa 12 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kisapirtti, Finland
Very different from the WCup terrain close to Helsinki. Rather difficult ground with rocks and sticks, and much more dense vegitat...
World Cup Sprint Relay (11.06.2019)
Úterý 11 červen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Helsinki, Finland
Sprint relay|Výsledky
World Cup Chasing Start (09.06.2019)
Neděle 9 červen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tervalampi, Finland
Chasing start|Výsledky
s-1: Wanted to use the big path left of the first big marsh, but the three runners ahead of me (SWE + 2x RUS) went straight on, an...
World Cup Middle (08.06.2019)
Sobota 8 červen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tervalampi, Norway
s-1: Struggled a little to follow the small path, and used some time on controlling that I was on the right way. Maybe a bit too l...
WCup Finland || Model Event (07.06.2019)
Pátek 7 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Haukkalampi, Finland
O-techique middle (02.06.2019)
Tired from the intervals, but started well the first 4 controls. But to the 5th I misunderstood the map a bit and could not really...
O-intervals (02.06.2019)
Neděle 2 červen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Gillingsrød, FSK, Norway
O-intervals at FSK's jukola test, so EMIT controls and gps-tracking. The course was 5.4km, and I divided it into 3 intervals (with...
O-morgen #137 (29.05.2019)
Středa 29 květen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Ulsrudvann, Norway
NM sprintstafett (26.05.2019)
Neděle 26 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sagene, Norway
Sprint relay
Startet ut 1:52 bak tet i et lite vakuum, men med to løpere litt foran meg. Dermed ble det ganske mye alene løping i starten. F...
NM sprint kvalifisering (25.05.2019)
Stable and good race all the way in a nice course set by Bojan. Quite happy with my performance, but did not get the 14th control ...
National Team Camp #7 (23.05.2019)
Čtvrtek 23 květen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bjerkeskogen, Norway
National Team Camp #6 || long distance (22.05.2019)
Two large parallel mistakes where I used long time to relocate (2nd and 19th control, 2x approx 2:30min). Also a mistake into cont...
National Team Camp #2 || middle (20.05.2019)
Pondělí 20 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Smerta, Norway
s-1: Thought the controll would be ok, if I kept my direction along the light green area. But got confused and unsure by the first...
O-morgen #135 (15.05.2019)
Středa 15 květen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Pipenhus, Norway
KM sprint (14.05.2019)
Úterý 14 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sandvika, Norway
15-stafetten (11.05.2019)
Sobota 11 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Skullerudåsen, Norway
Relay, úsek 4
Sprintliga #3 (09.05.2019)
Čtvrtek 9 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Ammerud, Norway
Testløp lang (05.05.2019)
Neděle 5 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Langelandsfjellet, Norway
Safe start the first three controls in which I invested some time in orienteering well. On the long leg to nr 4 my choice is not s...
Testløp mellom (04.05.2019)
Sobota 4 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Langelandsfjellet, Norway
Very weak start. More stressed about the terrain type than I thought and hesitated and stressed a lot towards the 1st control. Cou...
7-70 trening (02.05.2019)
Čtvrtek 2 květen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Sognsvann, Norway
Kvistkvaset (01.05.2019)
Středa 1 květen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Nordskogen, Norway
Relay, úsek 3.|Výsledky
Tiomila etp 4 (27.04.2019)
Sobota 27 duben 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Glimåkra, Sweden
Relay, úsek 4.|Výsledky
O-morgen #133 (24.04.2019)
Středa 24 duben 2019
Kategorie: Training
Greverud, Norway
Oslo City Cup #3 (23.04.2019)
Úterý 23 duben 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Mortensrud, Norway
AOOK tiomila training (17.04.2019)
Středa 17 duben 2019
Kategorie: Training
Pinnåsen, Norway
s-1: Decided to go left, but many of the others went right. A bit steeper than expected over the hill towards the control, and I h...
Long distance (17.04.2019)
Really nice in the forest today!
Smaaleneneløpet (14.04.2019)
Neděle 14 duben 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Stiklatjern, Norway
Good start to 1, and to 2 I decided to use the path to the left and then the path on the marsh, a small hesitation into the contro...
Norwegian Spring Vårspretten (06.04.2019)
Felt a little ill and therefore a bit heavy during warm-up, but hoped it would be ok to run. Startet out ok, but kept feeling a li...
O-morgen #131 Korridor (03.04.2019)
Very narrow corridor, and hesitated a lot. Knew some places from the loop so could be sure to be back into the corridor several ti...
O-morgen #131 E (03.04.2019)
Again difficult down the slope towards nr 1, but saw the small hill below the control and found it ok. The rest was ok.
O-morgen #131 D (03.04.2019)
Technically satisfied with this loop.
O-morgen #131 C (03.04.2019)
Difficult down to the first control, but my direction was good so ended up seeing it anyway. The 2nd control was a bit more left t...
O-morgen #131 B (03.04.2019)
Shaddowed by Anders. Made me more focused, and good to get some direct feedback.
O-morgen #131 A (03.04.2019)
Hanging out controls on the first loop
Oslo City Cup #1 (02.04.2019)
Úterý 2 duben 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Grünerløkka, Norway
Danish Spring Long (31.03.2019)
Neděle 31 březen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tisvilde Hegn, Norway
Danish Spring Middle (30.03.2019)
Sobota 30 březen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tisvilde Hegn, Denmark
Difficult first control, but went a bit to the right in order to know on which side the control would be. Found it ok, 2nd control...
Danish Spring Sprint (29.03.2019)
Pátek 29 březen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Lyngby, Denmark
Camp DK #2 (28.03.2019)
Again a bit more green than expected. Ok technically, but struggled on the beach. Did not find the 1st and the 13th control. But d...
Camp DK #1 (28.03.2019)
Čtvrtek 28 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Gribskov, Denmark
Ran some compass controls (white map) between control 6 and 7 (not marked on this map). A bit more bushes than expected and some m...
Control picking (24.03.2019)
Neděle 24 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
rørfjell, Norway
Relay training (24.03.2019)
Neděle 24 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Isebakketjern, Norway
Fun relay training with FSK. Good start the first 2 controls (I had the small hill as 1st control), but to the 3rd I run to fare d...
Wang sprint tour FINALE (20.03.2019)
Středa 20 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kongeskogen, Norway
Chasing start
Started out a bit less than 3min behind, and had an ok start to control 1, and a bit zigzag to 2. To the 3rd I got confused and di...
National Team Camp #6 || relay training (17.03.2019)
1st loop: misunderstood the terrain into control 1 and went to much down. Lost the field here. A little hesitation into control 2,...
National Team Camp #5 || Middle F (16.03.2019)
Bad start holding the map upside-down, but realized quite fast and turned and started over. Not careful enough up the hill and get...
National Team Camp #3 || Long (14.03.2019)
Čtvrtek 14 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tobroåsen, Norway
Good start to 1 and 2, but out of control 2 I though for a moment that I was on control 3, and used some seconds to get back on th...
O-morgen #129 (06.03.2019)
Středa 6 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Ingjerdstrand, Norway
Sverigepremiären Stafett (03.03.2019)
Neděle 3 březen 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Furuboda, Sweden
Relay, úsek 3.|Výsledky
In team with Tone and Siri, and sadly we had troubles with a misplaced control on the 1st leg and lost a lot of time during the 1s...
Sverigepremiären Medel (02.03.2019)
Nice short, middle distance today. Ran a bit too motivated and made some unnecessary corners, but nothing big.
Sverigepremiären Öppen 9 (01.03.2019)
Ran in an easy pace, but really enjoyed the terrain! Fun course, and some nice slow fight with Siri and Tone. A little mistake at ...
Nydalen-samling #4 (01.03.2019)
Pátek 1 březen 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tågaröd SO, Sweden
Nydalen-samling #3 (28.02.2019)
Čtvrtek 28 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Tågaröd S, Sweden
O-langtur (24.02.2019)
Neděle 24 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Torsnes, Norway
Moment-o (23.02.2019)
Sobota 23 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Rørfjell, Norway
Difficult without controls in the forest, especially on the compass part. Thought I was at the 12th but never was, and had to give...
Gaflet fellesstart (23.02.2019)
Masstart with Andrine and Sigrid with Beat starting about 3min behind. Forked course, so did not see the others much, eventhough w...
AOOK trening #2 (09.02.2019)
Sobota 9 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Bislett, Norway
AOOK trening (09.02.2019)
Sobota 9 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Kampen, Norway
Sprint training (02.02.2019)
Sobota 2 únor 2019
Kategorie: Training
Birkelunden, Norway
Høiås day cup (12.01.2019)
Sobota 12 leden 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sandbakken, Norway