Öjetrampen (31/03/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Öjemossen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.8 km
Time: 84:18
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 205
s-1: Have some troubles to get the terrain and the map, but simplify with the marsh and the bigger and a bit yellow hill before the control and find it without problems. Tricky control. To the 2nd I run a little to the left down the slope, but again I have troubles to understand exactly where I am, and 150m before the control I am unsure about what I see and if I am really still left of the line. Stand still for a while, and run with hesitation towards the yellow hill but it seems to have cliffs, and I stop again. I give it a try down and find my control (1min lost). To the 3rd I simplify too much, and forget to use my control description. Thinking that my control is a reentrance I go down just before the control, and I have to get back again. (1min lost again). 4th is ok, and to the 5th I get a little stuck in green. To the 6th I loose the control over the flat area and come to the road further right than I planned. The 7th was ok, the 8th also. To the 9th I thought I new where I was up the cliffs, but miss the control with some meters, and hesitate when I cannot understand where it is supposed to be in the terrain. Run down to the path and back again, and find it finally, but 2min lost. 10th, 11th and 12th are ok. To the 13th I decided to go fairly straight, but changed my plan after the road and went a little bit more left. This made the control more difficult and I get a little lost over the paths and in the flat area around the control. I decide to just get out to the fields behind the controls, but first I run to the wrong hill. Loose about 2min in total on this stupied mistake.14th is easy, and to the 15th I wanted to run along the vegitation border, but come a bit further right, and it is green further left, so I hesitate a little and stumble through the marsh. Find the control well though. 16th and the last control are ok, and I run in as nr 2. My technique in this terrain is a little rusty, and today I made too many control mistakes because I did not fully understand the map. New chance tomorrow, in a probably tricky detailed middle distance.
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Öjetrampen (31/03/2018) Öjetrampen (31/03/2018)