Regio Olten (29/04/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Säli-Engelberg
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.94 km
Time: 78:22
Average HR: 174
Maximum HR: 198
Good start until control 3, but towards control 4 I thought I was higher in the slope and when I came to the path I was sure that I needed to go down. I realized first in the crossing way down into the forbidden area, Ran all the way back up the path and found my small path almost just were I came out on the path the first time. Irritated and tired I cotinued. Into control 4 I did not get the objekts that I wanted and hesitated, but my feeling of distance was good, and I found it without big time losses. The next controls went well, but I was very tired in the uphills, and my legs protested. Towards 10th I first wanted to go straight, but redecided and went around to save some height. That was a bada choice and I lost 30-40s. Now I started to be really tired, and when the control object on control 12 was not where it was supposed to but fare further right, I lost my spirit to fight against my tired legs. From there on I did not push all I had (which was not much anyway), but I tried to keep running to train my technique when tired. Managed ok, but most of the controls were easy along a street or path. To control 20 I got really stuck in green which was not mapped, and had to go almost into a new forbidden area in order to get past it, and loose a lot of time here.
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Regio Olten (29/04/2018) Regio Olten (29/04/2018)