Venla (16/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hälvälä
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 2nd
Distance: 6.96 km
Time: 39:43
Average HR: 203
Maximum HR: 214
Started out as 11th, ca 2min behind the lead. Towards control 1 I decided to avoid the yellow/green area and run on the path. This was a good choice and I got a secure attackpoint for the control. Here I crossed one of the first teams. Continued alone to my 2nd control, and was then quite alone on the left route to the 3rd. Saw some runners into and out of the 3rd, but was first in my group towards control 4. My first plan was to run in the white forest towards the control, but all the fallen threes and the secure attackpoint by going right in the yellow area made me change my plan. This plan was good, and I was 1min behind the lead at control 5. Kept running my own routes and at the 6th control I had catched up with the leading teams (without knowing). Took the safe right path choice to control 7, and to control 8 I wanted ro run a little to the right of the line in the white forest, but I did not hit it (was too fast my leaving the path and had the feeling I needed to go more right and did), and landed too fare to the right in the big depression. Had no idea exactly were I was, and decided to just continue up to the path. I thought I was quite under the line, so corrected the wrong way first, but realized and turned left. On this mistake I lost 1minute to the lead. Kept fighting, with one other girl for the rest of the leg. Only out of the 2nd last I had to stop to orient my map due to the circular depression, and could change over to Simone in 6th position 1:03 min behind. Irritating to make this stupid mistake towards the end, but happy I catched myself quite fast again.
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Venla  (16/06/2018) Venla  (16/06/2018)