World Cup Chasing Start Part 2 (01/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ara
Country: Norway
Discipline: Chasing
Distance: 3.39 km
Time: 22:12
Average HR: 200
Maximum HR: 216
Had the back of Marianne end Kamilla and even though they got a little gap at the arena passage I came almost up again and could follow them for a while. But already the last thrid of the long leg to the 10th they had again got a little gap and some girls had past me from behind. Came a little too fare down before the control, but they also missed infront and I saw them taking the control. Was unsure about the route and stood some seconds instead of just following before I ended up following. This was stupied, since running another routechoice was not a good idea at this stage of the race. Felt the others went very much right, and tried to run more straigth, but running myself some meters was slower than running with the group and I lost the connection. Had to do the technical job myself the rest of the couse, but got Kine with me, and we had a nice fight about the 11th position which I was able to decide.
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World Cup Chasing Start Part 2 (01/09/2018) World Cup Chasing Start Part 2 (01/09/2018)