Gaflet fellesstart (23/02/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Country: Norway
Distance: 6.25 km
Time: 47:54
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 193
Masstart with Andrine and Sigrid with Beat starting about 3min behind. Forked course, so did not see the others much, eventhough we were in the finish quite similar. Startet out in the wrong direction but corrected myself quite fast, and was a bit unsure into control 1 (no control markings). Also a little unsure into 2 and 3, and it seems I never found the right rock at the 3rd. After that much better, but made a parallel mistake into the 12th where I thought I was correct but realized after leaving the control that it was not, and corrected it. Then quite ok for awhile until I got stuck and struggled towards the 23rd. Came first to the finish, closely followed by the others. I saw no one until the last control where I saw Andrine approaching when I found it.
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Gaflet fellesstart (23/02/2019) Gaflet fellesstart (23/02/2019)