National Team Camp #5 || Middle F (16/03/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tobroåsen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.86 km
Time: 38:33
Average HR: 190
Maximum HR: 199
Bad start holding the map upside-down, but realized quite fast and turned and started over. Not careful enough up the hill and get to much to the left, but finds the control. A bit hesitation half way to control 2, and to the 3rd I was not careful enough the 2nd half of the leg, and hesitated a lot over the new lodged area. Here I could have been more careful with the compass. 4th and 5th werre good, but lost quite some time on the route to the 5th to Marianne who run over the last hill. A bit hesitation out of control 5, but the 2nd half was good. The 7th leg was also good, eventhough I felt it was very long to run the from the small path until the control. To the 8th I did not find a good place to short cut from the houses so run all the way on the path. A bit careful through the control 9-11,but avoided mistakes. Good running to the 12th, but could maybe have run on the right of the hill halfway. Also good running the rest of the course until the finish.
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National Team Camp #5 || Middle F (16/03/2019) National Team Camp #5 || Middle F (16/03/2019)