National Team Camp #6 || relay training (17/03/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Country: Norway
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 6.01 km
Time: 47:36
Average HR: 176
Maximum HR: 201
1st loop: misunderstood the terrain into control 1 and went to much down. Lost the field here. A little hesitation into control 2, good to 3, and a parallel mistake into control 4. 5. and 6. were ok, but a bit unmotivated after running alone all the way almost.

2nd loop: startet out 20s behind Marianne, and 10s behind Sigrid and Miri, together with Siri. Could catch up with Sigrid and Miri quite fast, and approach the 1st control together with Miri, and Kamilla catched us from behind. Ran behind down the slope, but kept good contact with the map up the next slope, and avoided hesitations here when we catched up with the men who started some minutes ahead of us (they had had a longer course than us). Over the hill to the 3rd control I used the boarder of the hill, and had Kamilla just infront of me. Good control and when Kamilla went downI kept on straight and took my control. Came together with Kamilla again down into the 4th control, and also good running from me the last control as well, and could finish just behind Kamilla and infront of Marianne.

Loop 3: masstart as on the first loop. Started out well, but got unsure of myself when "all the others" went more left than I wanted to run. I hesitated and was unsure what to do: trust myself or go left with the others, and of course I should have done the first thing. Which I finally did after a lot of hesitation and I could not use the short forking I got to get ahead. Was infront of the group together with Sigird up the slope to the 2nd control, but went up a bit more right than I thought and was therefore unsure if the control was mine when we got there, and hesitated some seconds. Good over towards the 3rd, but got unsure again after passing the forking which "all the others" had. I could not see my cliff which I thought I had to, and started running a bit back towards the other forking before I saw something that could be my cliff and it was. Sadly I continued towards the 6th control of the first loop instead of my 4th, and could not find it (it was already taken in..), realized it finally and ran ok from there on, but was fare behind. At least I saw Ingjerd big parts of the last few controls.

So 1 good loop, and 2 not so good today.
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National Team Camp #6 || relay training (17/03/2019) National Team Camp #6 || relay training (17/03/2019)