Wang sprint tour FINALE (20/03/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kongeskogen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Chasing start
Distance: 4.82 km
Time: 31:50
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 193
Started out a bit less than 3min behind, and had an ok start to control 1, and a bit zigzag to 2. To the 3rd I got confused and did not see the control directly, but to the 4th I was very unsure in a path crossing because the path was not really visible and I was not sure if I was in the right place. Still unsure I went for the control too early, but after longer hesitation I figured it out and found it. The 5th was good, but to the 6th I ran further on the path than I thought, and in my head I took a small path earlier than I really did. I ended up on the wrong little hill, and had to go back up to the right one. To the 7th I did not see the fence on the map, and had to turn ( or actually I should have climbed it) and the control marking I never found here. The next part went well with untill the arena passage. Also the next loop went well before I did not see the control marking on the 23rd and thought I was too fare up and went further down, just to realize I had to go back up again. To the 24th I totally forgot my compass and run a long uneccessary loop.

All in all some technical mistakes which I am not happy with, but at least good running from control 7-22, and some ok legs also on some of the other controls.
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Wang sprint tour FINALE (20/03/2019) Wang sprint tour FINALE (20/03/2019)