Relay training (24/03/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Isebakketjern
Country: Norway
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 7.01 km
Time: 48:23
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 206
Fun relay training with FSK. Good start the first 2 controls (I had the small hill as 1st control), but to the 3rd I run to fare down the slope, and hesitate a bit before I see my control above me in the slope. To the 4th I thought I did take some climb, but ended quite low in the slope, and had to take a stop half way to figure out what was wrong. Realized and got up to the control, but lost some time on hesitation and running too fare. Was first here, but got catched after the mistake on the 3rd and 4th. To the 5th I was not careful enough and ran the wrong reentrance down, but I again I realized my mistake quite fast, and ran up again. 6th was good, and we were a bigger group here, but I got a bit alone running straight eventhough I had someone some meters behind me, but many also went left. I was alone at control 7, but the tracking shows that Kamilla was some 15-20s before me there. To the 8th I make a mistake inside the control circle standing on the small hill thinking it is my knoll. Some 20s lost here at least. Up towards the 9th we were quite many again, and at the 9th we got catched by the men who started 5 min behind. Good to 10, and was first towards the 11th, a small corner into and out of the control, but got the back of some guys up the hill. Decided to go a bit further right before running down then the guys, and it was nice to see that I catched some time on that coming closer down at the path. Good all the way to the 12th and still seeing some male backs. 13th was also good, but towards the 13th I got unsure when I saw the other forking on the first knoll, and ran via it before I ran up to mine. Got catched again here by Sigrid, and ran with her the 15th-17th, but could get a gap into the 17th and kept it to the finish eventhough I made a small mistake to the last control. Better performance than the last relay trainings I have had, so happy with that, but still some work to do to avoid some mistakes
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Relay training (24/03/2019) Relay training (24/03/2019)