Smaaleneneløpet (14/04/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stiklatjern
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 10.86 km
Time: 74:21
Average HR: 191
Maximum HR: 204
Good start to 1, and to 2 I decided to use the path to the left and then the path on the marsh, a small hesitation into the control, but ok. Catched the czech (vendula) who started 2' before me here. To the 3rd I run to much zigzag struggling with all the borders in the terrain, so here it is possible to do better. On the long leg to 4 I start well, but run to much zigzag or to much borders in the middle before I come to the path, and loose quite some time to Kamilla in this area leading to her catching me on the path. Run with her approaching the control, but she goes further right than I want, and I find the control first. She catch up with me again over the fields to control 5, and to control 6 I fall in the rocky area and smash my knee. I have to stop for awhile and run slow some meters to figure out how bad the smash was. Loose a lot of time until the arena passage, but around there my knee feels runable again, and I can see Kamillas back fare ahead of my on the open fields. To the 8th I run okey, but pass the control without seeing it with some meters and have to turn. The 9th was good, and I saw the last glimps of Kamillas back first part of this leg. To the 10th I make todays biggest mistake: I start ok on the paths, and then in the slope there is a big new lodged area and it is too tempting to follow it up the slow (and I run a bit too zigzag here), but the mistake happens when the last part of the steep slow before the lake comes. I misunderstand it, and hesitate a lot before I decide to get down, and thereby come down way too low in the reentrance, and when I finally relocate down there I have to do a steep climb up again. On this leg I loose about 3minutes! To the 11th I make a small mistake into the control because I am a bit low in the slope, and to the 13th I am a bit unconsentrated and run via another control (which is not on a cliff...). The finish is ok.

Quite happy with my first loop before I smashed the knee, eventhough I have some potential to execute better/choose better on the leg to 3 and 4. Also ok many controls on the 2nd loop, but very irritating to loose so much on not stopping and understanding the terrain towards control 10. 3rd place in the end with 6:40min up to Kamilla.
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Smaaleneneløpet (14/04/2019) Smaaleneneløpet (14/04/2019)