AOOK tiomila training (17/04/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Pinnåsen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Relay
Distance: 6.91 km
Time: 48:30
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 196
s-1: Decided to go left, but many of the others went right. A bit steeper than expected over the hill towards the control, and I hesitated a bit and came a bit fare down right, and standing over the cliff I saw how the others past below me, and I knew I had lost a bit on my routechoice. Could not see them running towards control 2

1-2: Heavy terrain, but approaching the control I saw the backs of Siri, Mariann and Hausken.

2-3: Catched up with Siri and Mariann, but was a bit unsure when crossing the path, and it did not help that Siri ran further left than I wanted. I hesitated a bit but continued correct, and found my control after some seconds lost on hesitation.

3-4: Knew Siri had crossed me when I went down, and saw Mariann infront of me in the slope. Heavy and steep uphill again, and at the control I got catched by Hausken who had searched control 3.

4-5: Up the hill together with Hausken and trying to catch up with Siri and Mariann infront of us. I had good control with the marsh and the reentrance going down towards the control, and did not care that Siri went further right and Mariann and Hausken further left. I was also correct, but when I approached the cliff I did not look right and thought it had to be some few meters further left, and lost some 30sec on this stupied mistake.

5-6: Still alone, so hoped I was still not fare from the others. In the slope I was unsure how fare I had come and how high I really was, and i hesitated a lot trying to make sense of it. Couldn't and when I saw Hausken and Mariann punch a control below me I was pretty sure it had to be mine. The control position seemed right, but the code was wrong. I punched it anyway and continued up the slope towards the next control. Suddently saw my own control, and punched this one too. Lost maybe 1minute here on hesitations and running down and back up again.....

6-7: up the slope alone, starting to be really empty and heavy leged. Kept the focus down the slope, and passed Mariann without knowing it. Crossed with Hausken on the small paths down towards the control, and knew she was quite fare ahead, and I thought Siri was probably even further ahead (which she wasn't).

7-8: Decided to go a bit more right than I had seen Hausken doing and used the paths until the marsh and then climbed up.To tired to really run fast anymore, and a small mistake into the control.

8-9: Heavy climb again, no technical problems.

9-10: Ok
10-11: Here I was a bit done mentally, and just decided to run the paths all the way around to the left. That was too fare, and I lost about 1minute to the others. Mariann almost catched me on the last control.
11-F: Had to sprint much more than I really wanted, could not get passed in the run in by Mariann.

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AOOK tiomila training (17/04/2019) AOOK tiomila training (17/04/2019)