Testløp lang (05/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Langelandsfjellet
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 11.24 km
Time: 80:04
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 206
Safe start the first three controls in which I invested some time in orienteering well. On the long leg to nr 4 my choice is not so bad to go fairly right, but I lose some time in the first green part and also in the last part of the leg. 5th was good, and to the 6th I was a bit too careful into the slope and running to fare to get it safely (+30s). Some hesitation also to 7th, but to 8th I was not careful enough and came a bit too fare left and into the control circle in the lodged area I could not figure out which of the small hills were the right one and I went to the wrong first (so about 30s + 30s lost on this leg). 10th was good, and to the 11th I left the path earlier that my plan was and used some time to figure out where I was. Also a bit too careful towards the control and ran too fare around. Lost about 1 min on this leg. 12th and 13th were ok, and to the 14th my routechoice rather straight was ok. But lost some time in the beginning through the stripes and down a cliff, and lost a small minute to Marianne who ran around to the right. To the 15th I got a little stuck crossing the cliffs, and into the control circle I hesitated a little. Got catched by Marianne here, but decided to go left instead of following her to the 16th which was good. But made a small mistake into the 16th because there was a control a bit higher up in the reentrance which I shortly thought had to be mine. To the 17th I decided to go straight and left and lost a bit on that. 3rd place in the end but 6min behind Marianne.
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Testløp lang (05/05/2019) Testløp lang (05/05/2019)