National Team Camp #2 || middle (20/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Smerta
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.74 km
Time: 37:24
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 205
s-1: Thought the controll would be ok, if I kept my direction along the light green area. But got confused and unsure by the first reentrance, and hesitated. Lost some 10-20s on this.

1-2: Good.

2-3: Ok direction out of the control, but the hill was steeper than I thought and I rounded it too much. Therefore way too much zig-zag before getting to the path. Tried to be careful up the slope to the control, but somehow I thought the 2nd cliff was the 1st cliff and went too fare. Saw the path and ran back, but lost quite some time on this rather stupid mistake. Lost 1min in total, but probably 20s was lost in the first part.

3-4: Pulled myself together and was careful that I saw all the hills I wanted to be sure to hit the control.

4-5: Good.

5-6: Decided to go a little bit to the right of the line to know which side I was when passing the last reentrance.

6-7: Straight down the stream to the yellow area, and then I was careful with the direction up the slope and looked for the double rocks to my left. Saw them and headed for the knolls and found the control without problems.

7-8: Rather straight, but decided to run right of the marsh and then follow the counter towards the control the last part. Also so the knoll to my right, but got unsure for some seconds when I came to a rock 20m before the control, but saw the right rock some meters further and lost only minor time on this.

8-9. Wanted to use the paths to the left and then after the yellow area the big path and then enter the contorl from behind. So I did, but lost some time on trying to hit the small path in the beginning instead of only running straight to the yellow, and also some time on taking the lodging path instead of the small path down to the next yellow. Decided to keep my line from here and cut over to the next lodged area but due to fallen threes which were not maped it was rather slow. Lost about 30s on this firts half of the leg, but the rest was good.

9-10: totally wrong direction out of the control, but realized after about 50meters and corrected it. Still dragged with me some unsureness about where I was in the slope, but found the control ok. Lost about 30s on this leg, mostly due to my direction mistake out of control 9.

10-11: looked very difficult on the map, and wanted to find the right height after the first reentrance and follow it, but came too high. Realized when I saw the rock above the control, but lost 40s here. Should have run straight because there was no good details to similify the leg by going away from the line.

11-12: Irritated due to my bad execution the last couple of legs, and was more careful with my direction and used the hill top to the right of me to get the control from above.

12-13: Rather straight, wanted to see the yellow hill infront of the control.

13-F: Went directly to the path and used it.
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National Team Camp #2 || middle (20/05/2019) National Team Camp #2 || middle (20/05/2019)