National Team Camp #6 || long distance (22/05/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Granerud
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.78 km
Time: 98:00
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 200
Two large parallel mistakes where I used long time to relocate (2nd and 19th control, 2x approx 2:30min). Also a mistake into control 10 (1min). Struggled a bit on the execution of long legs to 4th (30s) and to the 6th (2x 30s) control as well. Long long distance today, and tricky terrain with more details in the forest than on the map. A bit heavy training-loaded legs today, but I still think I stood the distance ok, even though I was tired towards the end I felt I was able to keep ok splittimes.

Need to work on my technique, to avoid the two big mistakes but also on the execution of the long legs.

Happy with some of my long legs today also (8th, 9th), and I kept if well together in the butterfly. Had Göran behind me for several controls today and there I always kept it together technically as well. Maybe I need a running camera guy behind me always? Tove won on 1:26, 12min ahead of me today. But Hausken ran faster, and made an even bigger mistake than me to control 2, and she was only about 2-3min behind Tove.
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National Team Camp #6 || long distance (22/05/2019) National Team Camp #6 || long distance (22/05/2019)