O-intervals (02/06/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Gillingsrød
Organiser: FSK
Country: Norway
Distance: 6.04 km
Time: 47:08
Average HR: 183
Maximum HR: 199
O-intervals at FSK's jukola test, so EMIT controls and gps-tracking. The course was 5.4km, and I divided it into 3 intervals (with break at the 3rd and 6th control of approx. 3min each), and had Birgitte with me as shadow.

s-1: Long way to the startpoint so I also had time to take a look at the long leg to control 2, and decided my routechoice for it. Birgitte followed me from the field when I entered the forest. I decided to go straight, via the small hill with a knoll on it, and got the 1st control without problems.

1-2: Good out of the control directly to the path since I had planned this earlier. Got a branch in my eye and had to stop and pull it out again (luckily no harm to my eye). Ran controlled fast with full focus on the technique. My choice the last part looked like a nice line, but I got a quite much marsch (wet and heavy), and the slope after the marsh was much steeper than I had thought and I did not get up the place I first tried. Also the next marsh was slow (high grass), but I got the control good. However lost 30s on the last part of the leg on my route. Here I first thought that I had come to my first break and I laped my watch and went some meters away from the control to wait for Birgitte but she did not come. After one more look at the map I realized that I was at control 2 and not 3, and went back to control 2 to run leg 3.

2-3: A bit to fast out ot the control aiming for the hill top, and ran a longer loop to the right than necessary, but had a good pace over here, and found the control without problems, laped again and went some meters away from the control to discuss the first interval with Birgitte.

3-4: Ran back to control 3, and started on the next leg. Here I wanted to go fairly straight, but avoid the cliff halfway, and I also wanted to see the yellow hill before entering the slope, and so I did. I went down early to know that the control had to be on the right side, and saw it quite early.

4-5: A three blocking the way out, but decided to run in the reentrancem a bit difficult to know when to get up, but I did it in time, and came up directly to the control, but here I should have had a better plan and come up some meters earlier, I could have easily missed it.

5-6: First 2/3rds was straight, I missed the first long small cliff on the map, but it was very clear in the terrain and I had to go a bit right to pass it. From there on I went straight and wanted to get down to the cliffs and the stream in the reentrance, and then run the white plateu over to the next reentrance. However, I went too much straight up the slope after the first reentrance, and did not get any good runability and hesitated a bit since I was not sure anymore exactly where I was. Loose about 30-40s on this rather short part of the leg. However, my last part was good again after I had relocated and was back at it. At control 6 I agained laped and went away from the control to wait for Birgitte.

6-7: Maybe my least good leg of todays course. I started well, but my direction after climbing up the slope after the path is bad, and therefore I also get unsure when I come up the next slope. I hesitate, but see the control early, and I do not get as badly punished as I could have.

7-8: Again a good start out of the control, but use a bit too much time halfway, and hesitate abit until I see the green, and loose some 20s here.

8-9: Good leg, I lifted my head and saw the clearing on the top very early, and was careful into the control.

9-10: Again a good leg, in which I was able to keep a good direction all the way and found good passages through the terrain.

10-11: Down to the stream and followed it to after the cliffs, then I wanted to go up to know that I was above the control still. But somehow I did not really trusted that I went up directly after the cliffs and got unsure. Stopped to early and did not know if I was too fare or too short (eventhough I should have known I was still to short). Continued because I found it the best solution and found the control (15-20s lost here).

11-F: Went straight for the path and followed it.
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O-intervals (02/06/2019) O-intervals (02/06/2019)