National Team Camp #2 || middle distance (21/06/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Rudskogen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.38 km
Time: 38:05
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 210
Stable technical race, but a bit too much hesitation in some areas and lose quite some time on the long leg to 5 because I run more to the left than I thought.

s-1: Ok start, but bad runability and difficult to see the two hills before going down to the control. Found it though.

1-2: Wanted to run along the big hill to the left in the last part of the leg, but used the good runability in the white to the right in the beginning before I ran down to the marsh. Came together with Olav who started 1min behind me at when running down towards the marsh, and had him infront of me until the control.

2-3: Went up on the yellow hill with the tower, and over to the next white hill. Followed it to the left until I saw the knoll and found the control behind it.

3-4: Looked at the path, but felt the control was not easier from there, and decided to go straigt until the reentrance with the path, and saw the cliff running up to the control.

4-5: Again I considered running around. This time to the right using the reentrances, but felt it was almost the same long distance in light green until I was there compared to going straight, and decided to go straight. Wanted to keep a bit to the left to avoid some green halfway, but the vegitation on the map was a bit old, and the yellow with green stripes was higher bushes, and I got pushed even more left than I wanted. Understood it when I did not cross the narrow reentrance with the marsh, and was sure after climbing down the row of cliffs towards the path. No problems into the control.

5-6: Saw Ingeborg running out of the control, and my first thought was to go straight as she did. But then I saw that it was a lot of climb and that there was a path routechoice to the left. Decided to go for the path, and went back the way I had come into the control, but went a bit more left. Maybe unnecessary. Meet Hausken here, and thought she started 2min behind me (she did not), and there for was closer then 2 min at this point. I tried to push on the road, but also used this path to take a gel. The last part on the path in the green reentrance I was careful to see how fare I had come to know when to start climbing towards the control and decided to go up just after the small cliffs. Good entrance to the control.

6-7: Here the terrain changed a bit with more wet marshes and the hills were rather steep. I wanted to go straight to not run too long in the marsh, but actually the steep hills were slower than the marsh and I lost some 20s to this control without searchinh it.

7-8: Wanted to run below the big cliffs, but almost missed to take the turn right, but realized. Lost a few seconds to Hausken who did this correct.

8-9: Careful on this leg, which looked rather diffuse. I went straight which looked like a good place to run. It was, but I hesitated a lot the last part of the leg, and eventhough I found the control, I lost some time on double checking the details into the control.

9-10: Wanted to go straight and see the row of cliffs halfway, and then cross the path. However, after crossing a long the marsh and down toward the cliffs I started to hesitate, and used some time to double check, and got nervous down a long them and decided to go a bit more right to get the reentrance with the cliffs to the right and approach the control from there. When finally approaching the control the terrain there was much more distinct than I had thought and my double checking and carefulness had been a bit usless, and only costing time. Lost 30s on this leg to Hausken. The last leg was rather easy and I tried to push here. Here I actually secured the win, since I beat Marianne with 9s on this leg, and I only beat her with some seconds in the finnish.
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National Team Camp #2 || middle distance (21/06/2019) National Team Camp #2 || middle distance (21/06/2019)