National Team Camp #4 || Long (23/06/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Gillingsrød
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.13 km
Time: 88:41
Average HR: 189
Maximum HR: 200
Started 1hrs before the rest to be able to join my grandmothers 85th birthday. All alone in the forest it was a bit difficult to get the compeitition feeling and I took myself in "falling a sleep" many places, and was not able to be sharp enough technically or physically.

To the 1st control I run ok, but to the 2nd I zigzag a bit too much and overlook the better way up the last cliffs and lose almost 1min to Kamilla who definitly ran much faster today than me. To the 3rd control I ran well, but the first part of the leg to 4 I zigzag too much and should have been tougher with my compass and direction. Also down the slope to the small path I run a bit longer than necessary, and down at the path I don't understand where I am (it does not fit my expectation eventhough I am exactly where I wanted to be), and use some time to be sure I am correct. Used the path behind the control to go into it but it was furter to the right then expected.

4-5 looked tricky and I was careful into it. Found my cliff but no control and got confused and unsure what to do. I checked the area around and was pretty sure it was my cliff, but decided to go up to the hill top to get a better overview. Found the control on a small cliff further up the slope which was not mapped, so a misplaced control there. This dropped my motivation quite some steps down.

5-6 irritated I tried to focus again, and ran ok here. Should have used the small path after the road to win some seconds, but all over ok.

6-7: Tricky short leg, and I was careful into the control and found it without problems.

7-8: Tried to take a gel up the slope and over the yellow hill, but struggled big time to open it. I therefore decided to find the control first, and then I tried again. This time I managed but got gel all over myself and my map and had to use a lot of time to clean up my mess. Think I loose about 45s around this control on this mess...

8-9: Decided to use the road and path to the left the first half of the leg, which I think is an ok choice. But I do not execute it perfectly, and hesitate alot when crossing the extremly wet marsh before the last hill (did not want to drown). Therefore I again lose quite a lot with bad gel mess and marsh hesitation on this leg. I think straight was maybe a tiny bit faster, but most of the time I lost on these stupied things.

9-10: Run straight, but does not see the knolls in the beginning and double check a lot of times. Lose some time.

10-11: Good first part of the leg, but bad hesitant marsh crossing (again...), and a bit of zigzaging down to the big marsh. Ok last part, but did not see the small rock of the control when approaching it and came a bit too much to the right. But no biggi (20s?)

11-12: Try to pull myself together for the last couple of controls and manage ok.

12-13: Hesitate a bit into the control circle, but ok.

13-14: Best split eventhough I did get a bit stuck in the green and make a small retreat around it just after the lodged area in the beginning of the leg. But find good passages through the cliffs, and only loose some minor times midway on not going more straight in the more flat area.

14-15: ok.

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National Team Camp #4 || Long (23/06/2019) National Team Camp #4 || Long (23/06/2019)