National Team Camp #6 || relay training (25/06/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Stikkaåsen
Country: Norway
Distance: 6.03 km
Time: 48:59
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 208
First interval start I went out in a big group behind Ingeborg who were starting first. To the startpoint it was very narrow and not possible to pass, and also very green and I had to stay in the group where I was. Out of the startpoint it was also very green and partly lodged area, and I struggled to understand exactly were I was and were I ran. I thought I ran the reentrance with the small path, but some realized after awhile. All the others were with me here, but I decided to continue the line and run via control 5 and over the marsh. However, I struggled to run in the right direction over the hill topp and ended up in the other end of the marsg (I think actually my problem was that there was only 2(!) northlines on the map, and they were not close to my map grip here), I corrected and founc my control. But lost about 45s to this 1st control (stupid from me, and annoying that the vegitation was badly mapped in the beginning and that northlines were missing, but it would have been possible to do better from my side anyway). Better from here on and I picked my controls well after this. Lost about 10s on running via the marsh to control 5, and hesitated first over the flat green area towards the 6th (not green at all) and down into the control. Tried to run good technically towards the last control in order to keep the girls behind me behind, and managed that. 3rd in the finish behind Anne Margrethe and Kine.

Intervall 2 I started out in the masstart again, and this time 30s behind Anne Margrethe. Fell off the marking to the startpoint, but took charge over my own orienteering better here than on the first loop. And lead the group into the control area. I had the middle one and dropped a bit fare down the slope. Thought I ran along the right cliff and not the left but corrected it as soon as I came over in the slope. Ran ok also down to control 2, to control 3 I dropped a bit to early down and ran via the other forking, but did not really lose anytime on it. Was in the group here, and came into it again after I had taken my control. From the 4th control there was a long leg back, and i decided to use the flatter areas to the right. Kine joined me the first part, but went straight after that while I continued. A good choice, but I screwed it up into the control. Here there was a lodged area that was on our map, but roughly and it was bigger than on my map. I therefore went too low in the slope, and eventhough I could not get it to fit I hesitated while running up there and understood where I was first when I saw the big rock and had to turn up. Lost 25s on this leg to best slit, and I think my route would have been good if I had taken the control well. A bit irritated on myself and on the map that was not perfect I climbed the last part to the finish, and ended 5th I think, but only some few seconds behind (30s).
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National Team Camp #6 || relay training (25/06/2019) National Team Camp #6 || relay training (25/06/2019)