WOC selection race middle (07/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Guttersrød
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.87 km
Time: 37:16
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 173
I tried, but the race was a day or two too early after my sickness. I startet focused and well, and was 4th after about 15min of running at control 7, and also to control 8th I was still good in the race as 6th, about 1min behind. But at the 8th control I started to feel tired, and I did not run well out of this control, I kept it together though, but I had a hard time keeping up the pace, and the technique. From the 10th I felt totally tired, and it got a fight to get to the finish in an ok way. After the arena passage, the map is very bad. The lodged areas have grown up (the map is 2 years old), and the green is also not as on the map. I did not hit the paths from the runners starting before me, and got rather stuck towards the 14th, and to the 15th I hesitated and had troubles to understand the map properly. Also to the 16th I got a little stuck, but I avoided making any big mistakes, and made it somehow to the finish.

Felt shaky and a little ill for half an hour after the race. Seldom I get that empty in a middle distance, more normal on a long distance... Ended 7th of the norwegians, with 3 min up to Marianne and 2 min up to Anne Margrethe in 2nd spot. Not fare up, and I feel I would have had a chance to fight for those WOC-tickets if I would have been healthy, but now I will never know. Sport is tough, and sickness in the wrong moment is unlucky. The team will be selected on tuesday.
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WOC selection race middle (07/07/2019) WOC selection race middle (07/07/2019)