WOC precamp #2 - Middle Distance (16/07/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Våler varde
Country: Norway
Discipline: middle
Distance: 6.04 km
Time: 46:54
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 205
A bit "training tired" legs, but ok motivated to run. Had an ok and safe start, and can follow the pace of the other two women (Marianne and Anne Margrethe) to the first control (ind. start, so on splittimes). Hesitate a lot towards the 2nd control the last 2nd part of the leg. Did not fully get the counters. To the 3rd I picked the wrong routechoice, but execute it ok. Have the same pace the first half before we split on the different options, but lose time on my right routechoice. I might have picked the wrong place to climb up between the cliffs and maybe lost a bit more than necessary but anyway the left option was faster (+30s).

Towards the 4th I was careful with my direction to hit the cliff down the slope. To the 5th I ran ok, but get a bit stuck crossing over to the yellow spure and I am in general a bit too careful down the slope before it also since the control was rather easy (+20s). To the 6th I was "blind" and did not see the best option with path the first half of the leg, and I picked a narrow reentrance with a little bit more careful orienteering and not as good runability, so lost already a minute on this stupid decision. However, I made it worse by starting to read towards control 2 instead of control 6 the 2nd half and eventhough I realized it rather fast, I got a bit out of it and made a mistake into the control as well not understanding the counters once more in this area (+90s). To the 7th I ran well, and to the 8th as well but might have been a bit too careful losing some time. To the 9th I made a parallel mistake into the control thinking that the lower hill was the higher one, but realized it fast (+30s). To the 10th I was very careful and hesitated a bit losing a few seconds. To the 11th I started with getting stuck in a cliff and lost 30s to run along it before I could find a place to get down. After the path I was not careful enough with my direction and went too much to the right and climbed up the wrong place between the cliffs and lost almost 1min on this part as well, losing a total of 2min but maybe 90s to a good execution. 12th was good, but to the 13th I got a little stuck and hesitated a little and lost about 30s more. Ok finish, but did not risk my feet down the slope to the path.

Anne Margrethe was the best of us today with 39min something. with my two time 90s lost on the two longer legs and several 30s mistakes I was fare behind today. I felt it already during the race that I was not as focused and mentally on as necessary to run at my best level. I normally have a little trouble with being fully focused when it is only a training. At least I ran ok for most of the shorter legs.
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WOC precamp #2 - Middle Distance (16/07/2019) WOC precamp #2 - Middle Distance (16/07/2019)