WOC precamp #5 - Long distance (18/07/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Olaåsen
Country: Norway
Distance: 5.48 km
Time: 42:54
Average HR: 186
Maximum HR: 204
Ok start to control 1, but a little bit stakato with all the cliffs and borders to pass. Struggle a bit to understand the map towards control 2, but run well to control 3 and 4. To the 5th I am also rather satisfied, but got stung by 3-4 bees down the slope towards the lodged area, so not so happy with that. Luckily I am not allergic but it still burns. I hit the reentrance straight on, but could not see the control, and went downwards to search for it but realized fast it had to be there and saw it further up behind some bushes. To the 6th I first thought straight was the best, but got tempted by the paths and the road around to the right and chose that. DId not realized that the path was not all the way through to the road, and had to run a long time in slow and heavy marsh. Lost about 1min on this leg to Andrine who run straight, and she did maybe not hit the optimal route either, so my choice was too fare due to too low runability halfway. The 7th control was just back from where I just came. To the 8th I misinterpreted the terrain and came way too fare to the left almost via the 10th control which I actually saw. It was green with hard, dry branches all the way and my motivation dropped a bit. Very steep up the slope, much steeper than expected, and down towards the control I feel it was more hills than on the map and I stopped one border too early. Hesitated and had to run a bit down to relacate and also then I felt it should have been higher, but found it one border down and I think that was the correct place. it was only me not getting the map in 1:150000. Tried to be careful back over the hill top and down towards the 9th, but I went down too much to the left and could not find the control and had to go down to the path to try again. Also then I felt it was a bit strange, and I used a lot of time. Here in the slope I stopped trying to run fast, my motivation was dead, and it was extremly steep, green and rocky, so nothing fun about the orienteering on this hill and slope. My plan originally was to run untill control 13 and finnish there, but after not understanding anything on this side of the road I decided that it was enough for today.
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WOC precamp #5 - Long distance (18/07/2019) WOC precamp #5 - Long distance (18/07/2019)