O-ringen stage 1 (22/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Loreberget/Grosvad
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long
Distance: 11.9 km
Time: 76:04
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 211
Started out OK to control 1, and tried to run straight using the compass to control 2 but could not understand what I saw and ended up running through the green and losing some time. To the 3rd I decided to use the bigger path and go all around to the right which I guess was ok, but I searched to control for 20-30s. Was careful over to control 4 and got it well, and to the 5th it was a lot of path running again, and up the last slope I again almost ran in the wrong direction but controlled it and corrected it and found the control without problems. Got catched by Lina at the control, and saw her even though we ran diffrently into the control at the 6th control. Out of it I felt she went a bit too much to the right and I tried to run my own direction, but ended up drifting too much left and had to correct for it. Lost about a minute to Lina (GPS approx.) by this mistake. Here I started to feel it physically, and from here on it got a struggle. I did not make a lot of mistakes but the pace dropped and I had to fight to keep my direction and find the controls. 8th leg went well, but to the 9th I came a bit too much right (+20s maybe). The 10th was ok, but to the 11th I got a bit stuck in some new lodged area just before the controls and had a hard time to understand the map into the control, and searched it. Lost a small minute probably. 12th was ok, 13th as well, but maybe not the best route choice? Here I got catched by Tove, and I saw her up the slope to the 14th. She went more right than me and I tried to correct it a bit but still ended a bit too much to the right and hesitated so made a small corner her (+15-20s). Over to the 15th I started having big problems to keep moving and too keep my direction, and halfway I felt I just had to stop and take a gel which I did. My running here is a lot zigzag and I actually started freezing which is a sign of dehydration. Hesitate a lot into the control so probably my worst leg. 16th went ok, but to 17th I hesitate again into the control circle. The last controls were only running, and I tried to keep the speed up as good as I managed all the way to the finish line. Ended 30st, 15minutes behind Tove who one, and with many runners inside some few minutes ahead of me.

Probably I did not start hydrated enough even though I did think about it and drank good today before the race, but maybe I did not drink enough yesterday? Anyway, tough day physically and sadly a lot of time lost in the overall oringen. But well, 4 more days to come and it is just to keep working on it.
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O-ringen stage 1 (22/07/2019) O-ringen stage 1 (22/07/2019)