O-ringen stage 2 (23/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grosvad
Country: Sweden
Discipline: long
Distance: 12.25 km
Time: 84:38
Average HR: 182
Maximum HR: 196
Very tired legs from yesterday, but gave it a try. Ok to 1, but to control 2 I thought I saw the hill with the cliff to the left of me and I could not find the control there. Went back first before I decided to run until the marsh and saw then the hill to the right of the control and found my control. To the 3rd I ran ok until the last meters in which I ran around the wrong spure and had to turn rather fare up right again. 4th was ok with only some hesitations, my routechoice to 5 was also not so bad, but did not execute it very well in the last part. I felt I was not able to push very hard but kept on running on my half-fast pace (about 10-20 bpm lower heartrate than usual). Hesitated a lot to control 6 eventhough I was via the path in the end, while 7th was ok, and to the 8th I hesitated a bit too much. Got caught by Tove on control 8 and saw her a bit in the beginning before I found a better runable place and came infront of her again. Saw the cliffs infront of me and was so sure I had to go right of them but I didn't, and lost probably 30s+ on it. Saw Tove fare ahead of me again up the slope, but her pace was too high for me and she was too fare ahead also. Took the control ok, but to the 10th I made a parallel mistake over the marsh and could not understand anything over the last hill. Realized it eventually and ran to find my control. Over to the 11th I ran correctly in the beginning but could not see any knoll or control and I went a but further but it was not there either and I went back and found it. Very small knoll if it could be called one. Felt I lost a bit of my motivation on these mistakes, but tried to keep on moving forward. Found the 12th well, and the 13th and 14th as well. On the long leg to 15th I zigzag a bit too much, but except of that OK. Catched Malin Sandstad on this leg, but did not see her afterwards. Ok to the 16th, 17th and 18th, but ran via another control to the 19th. Ok finish, but no energy or motivation to really go for the finish sprint.

24th place today, so better than yesterday eventhough my technical performance was worse and my pace was lower than yesterday (but from the start, so I did not hit the wall today). So I guess there was more people with tired legs today, and probably also more mistakes than yesterday. Beaten by Tove with about 18min today, but she was in her own class.
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O-ringen stage 2 (23/07/2019) O-ringen stage 2 (23/07/2019)