O-ringen stage 3 (24/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Industrilandskapet
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.66 km
Time: 16:49
Average HR: 200
Maximum HR: 211
Stable sprint performance today. Not sure if all my routechoices were the best ones, but all in all I am satisfied with the race. I made a small mistake towards control 6 running in the park to control 8 and had to turn around. The routechoices were difficult with different length, but also different difficulties to execute, so in the end I picked either the one I felt was shorter or the one I felt was easier.

Very tricky and nice sprint in the first half, in which I never felt like I was able to push hard and I had to stay focues. The last half was much easier with a lot of running in the park. This was more tough physically than technically, and here I only tried to look fare ahead to see where I was going early and then try to run fast all the way. Came to the finnish as new leader before Ryabkina overtook the lead some minutes later. Ended 5th in the end, so happy with a good result.
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O-ringen stage 3 (24/07/2019) O-ringen stage 3 (24/07/2019)