O-ringen stage 4 (26/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jursla
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.17 km
Time: 38:57
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 211
Felt ok physically before the start, and towards control 1 I wanted to get the reentrance a bit left of the line and then up to the path to the control. I got suprised by how steep each counterline was, and I had to stand several times to read the map carefully. Found it ok, but rather slow. To the 2nd I therefore decided to go down and use the path and get a bit easier runability. Very steep up to the control however. To the 3rd I think I should have gone more straight and right of the first hills, but the rest was ok. 4th was good, but still using a bit too much time to read the map. The 5th control I am happy with, saw everything I wanted and really nice in the forest. To the 6th I made todays first mistake, I ran ok until I wanted to approach the control. The hills were not as distinct as I had thought and I felt I had to go to the border of the hill and ended too much to the right. Stood a while to understand where I was, and suddently saw the cliff to the left and also the control. But here I definitly lost some seconds (30-45s). To the 7th I did not understand that I was above the control and ran past it, but realized when I came into the flat reentrance behind the control (20s lost maybe, maybe more). 8th and 9th was ok, and to the 10th I found a good passage rather straight, so also ok. To the 10th I am not happy. Too afraid of the second hill and wanted to drink, and I think I go too much around without getting any better runability. At least my attackpoint towards the control was good. 12 was also good, but to 13 I think I am too afraid and go too much around. The yellow area above the control should not have been difiicult to spot so I guess I lose some 30s on my route. 14th I was very careful but found the control, and to the last it was just very steep and rocky. Came in as new 3rd and ended 8th in the end. 5:50min behind Tove, so not very good, but happy that I at least made an ok result and could climb a bit in the overall result list and I will start as 16th in the chaseing start. I did not manage to get into a high speed today, and several smaller mistakes as well is not enough for a good middle distance performance and I am not satisfied, but nice to climb top 10 in the results list today anyway. Better than the first 2 stages.
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O-ringen stage 4 (26/07/2019) O-ringen stage 4 (26/07/2019)