O-ringen stage 5 (27/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ågelsjöbergen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long chase
Distance: 11.88 km
Time: 95:58
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 194
Startet out wih Josefin Tjernlund, but took charge towards the 1st control. Hesitated the last part because I could not see my control and it did no lok exactly like I expected. Josefin past me and found it some meters further. Towards the 2nd I considered going right but felt straight was also a good option and decided to follow Josefin when she went for a straighter option. However, I lost very soon track of exactly where we was, and I hesitated a lot and let her run a bit away. Half way I was in control again and ran ok the 2nd part and catched up with Josefin again. To the 3rd I went too high and had to go down again loosing some 15s. After searching all controls a bit I was a bit defensive and chose to use the paths to the left. Josefin joined me, but when I left the path towards the control I made a big parallel mistake and was suddenly lost. I realized eventually by the direction of the marsh, and irritated I ran over to the right hills and found my control. Lost probably almost 3min on this mistake and the routechoice was probably slow as well. Here I anyway lost Josefin, but came together with another girl who ran infront of me the next few shorter controls. Towards the 10th I went for the left routechoice and I did not see her anymore. The long leg to 11 I executed ok, except of the last part in which I ended further right than I planned. The controls up there at the cliffs were unecessary and the way down from 12 and 13 was even dangerous for a chase start. Luckily I was alone. The rest of the course I ran ok, but the steep climbs up and down were not so fun. Small mistake to the last control in the forest. Ended 15th in the overall ranking and was 23rd on the stage,

Not happy with my performances in the long distances at o-ringen. First day hitting the wall early, and after that tired legs and not able to digg deep enough to run well. Anyway, nice to have experienced o-ringen.
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O-ringen stage 5 (27/07/2019) O-ringen stage 5 (27/07/2019)