AOOK sommer training (04/08/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Vestmarkssetra
Country: Norway
Distance: 6.05 km
Time: 52:51
Average HR: 182
Maximum HR: 192
Made a parallel mistake into control 1 thinking it looked a bit different than expected, but it had all the way up to the top as well, and I knew the map was rather rough/sparsely drawn (Eystein Weltzien map) and very generalized. When my rock did not show up, I realized quite fast what I had done and got back up. Irritated and knowing Beat was starting 4min behind me I did not want him to get sight of me this early. The 2nd control went fine, while to the 3rd I hesitated a bit the last part due to a counterline that was hidden below the print of the control circle. To the 4th I was careful with the compass but crossed several semiopen hills which could be the control and hesitated again a lot. Decided to continue and found it, but lost time here as well. Feeling Beat getting closer (in my mind) due to all the hesitation and the mistake to the 1st I tried to refocus and ran up the slope towards the hill top. The 5th and 6th went well and crossing over the path towards control 7 I crossed Beat heading for control 5, and I knew I was still at least 4min ahead. This motivated me again, but the rocky slope towards the 7th had very low runability and the semiopen/lodged areas had high grass and the rocky ground as well as fallen threes made it difficult to see what was on the ground and again I was slowed down a lot. A bit frustrated I felt I again lost valuable time to Beat, and I tried to keep on moving. Found the 7th ok, but to the 8th I wanted to take the paths down right to avoid more of the lodged/semiopen and very slow terrain. Crossing over between the two paths up the slope to the 8th was very rocky and difficult to run in again, and the 2nd path was totally different compared to how it was drawn. At least the yellow with the rock was visible when leaving the path, but I still went to the wrong rock (the one above in the slope) before getting it right losing som 20-30s into the control. Irritated I ran upwards towards the 9th and here again the map was strangly drawn and I hesitated, made a small turn but then found it up the slope. Felt I heard a rock falling and though Beat was about to catched me and I tried to sneak out of the control to the path, and then I tried to speed up a bit down towards the road. Came out a bit lower than planned but saw the houses up the slope and ran the road up passing them before climbing up to the 10th control. The slope was horrible with a lot of fallen trees high underground and rocky ground. Therefore the routechoice to control 11 was cleary out back on the road, and I was suprised not to meet Beat there. This gave me a bit motivation again and I finished well on the last to controls.

Sat down to wait for Beat to see how close he was, but after 5min he was still not there so I went back to the car and he was already there waiting. He had stopped running at the road just before control 10 and then gone back to the car.

Not the best terrain and map for a high intensity orienteering session, but I could at least train to keep on running eventhough the terrain is working against you...
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AOOK sommer training (04/08/2019) AOOK sommer training (04/08/2019)