AOOK sommer training intervals (08/08/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sørmarka
Country: Norway
Distance: 2.4 km
Time: 18:32
Average HR: 191
Maximum HR: 201
Masstart with Anne Margrethe and Sigrid. Came a bit too much to the left over the marsh, which gave the two others a small gap towards control 1, but had it maybe 15s behind Anne Margrete and before Sigrid who searched the control a bit. Careful to come right of the green and cliffs up towards nr 2, and found it head on and saw Anne Margrethe coming from the wrong direction into it when I ran out with Sigrid just behind. Into the 3rd the control it was a bit more rocky and steep, but got it first. However, her I did the mistake to think that I was at control 4 all ready and started running towards the 5th. Nothing seemed right up on the hill, and eventually I realized I had not been to control 4 and got down there. Saw Anne Margrethe run out of it, but lost sight of her into the 5th and thought I was last after my stupid mistake out of the 3rd. The lodged area over to the 6th was very bad and slow and I lost a bit the motivation here thinking I was last, but tried to keep on running. Suprised when I saw Anne Margrethe behind me, and she past me on the way to the finish. Sigrid who I thought would be clearly first, came in behind us. So all of us had some things to make better on loop 2.
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AOOK sommer training intervals (08/08/2019) AOOK sommer training intervals (08/08/2019)