AOOK sommer training intervals 2 (08/08/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sørmarka
Country: Norway
Distance: 2.94 km
Time: 23:02
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 196
New masstart with Anne Margrethe and Sigrid. I stayed rather straight when they went more right towards the first control. However, I was a bit too little careful halfway and turned too much towards the cliffs and ran a corner too much there, and got the control last, but saw Anne Margrethe. Ran ok the next controls and saw the back of AM also at control 2 and out of it, but after that I did not see her anymore. Tough terrain here on, and I was zigzaging abit too much in the middle of the leg to the 3rd. Ok 4th, but was tired and a bit finished and wanted to take the path around. However, I found another path not mapped and nothing looked right anymore. Tried to get over on the right one, but did not find it and had to try running on the compass but the big path never came, before I was almost by the finish. Heard the other were finished and I skipped the last control, I was anyway not really running fast anymore.
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AOOK sommer training intervals 2 (08/08/2019) AOOK sommer training intervals 2 (08/08/2019)