WOC spectator race #5 (16/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mørk
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.69 km
Time: 32:42
Average HR: 197
Maximum HR: 207
A bit suprised that the map was in 1:15000 when I took my map and ran off towards the start point. Not normal for a middle distance and not what I had read in the PM. The 1st control was very easy. Towards the 2nd I maybe should have gone a bit more straight, but no problems in finding the control. To the 3rd it got more flat and few details, and I hesitate a bit into the control the last 200m. 4th and 5th were good, then to 6th I decided to go a bit to the right running a bit less height maybe. Hesitated a bit towards the control because it was further than expected, but kept on running so found it. To the 7th I was careful, but found it without troubles. To the 8th I decided to go fairly straight, the last half was a bit rougher than expected with a lot of borders, and high undergrowth and thereby not so easy to see the hills. Used the small lodging path, and then got the control rather well. 9th also went wellm but to the 10th I ran via a control which came too early and lost some seconds. Good finish. Won the class with about 2min after an OK technical performance.
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WOC spectator race #5 (16/08/2019) WOC spectator race #5 (16/08/2019)