WOC spectator race #6 (17/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mørk
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 7.78 km
Time: 57:08
Average HR: 186
Maximum HR: 203
Very wet race with streaming rain. Ran a controlled race physically, but technically it was more challanging than yesterday. High undergrowth made it difficult to see details in the terrain, and it was very slippery making it more difficult to run also. Came through ok, and pushed a bit harder the last 5 controls where I came into a larger group of runners after I think everyone searched control 11. I searched it maybe 30s.
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WOC spectator race #6 (17/08/2019) WOC spectator race #6 (17/08/2019)