KM-stafett (25/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Country: Norway
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3.
Distance: 6.03 km
Time: 41:46
Average HR: 208
Maximum HR: 219
In team with Anna Ulvensøen and Emilie Westin. I was sent out 10min behind BSK and HSK, and a bit closer to Tyrving and Oppsal. I started well the first two controls, but already on the long leg towards the 3rd it got tough physically. Got the 3rd also ok, the same with the 4th, but to the 5th I made a small error. Here I had overtaken Oppsal. To the 6th I ran ok I think, but into control 7 I hesitated and made a small corner as well. To the 8th I thought I was lower when crossing the last reentrance, so searched the control too high first and lost some time again. To the 9th I maybe did not take the best routechoice but made no mistake. To the 10th I ran off the path wrong first, so made a tiny corner there halfway on the way to the control. To the 11th however I made a big mistake. I thought I crossed the last reentrance at the marsh, but I was higher and was too high went approaching the control. Searched for it up and down for a while, went back up to the hill top and tried again and found it. But here I lost about 2minutes I think. Ok finish, but very tired and freezing in 25degrees and sun, so maybe even a bit dehydrated. Anyway, physically I gave it all I had to day, but the last half of the course I make too many smaller mistakes and one big one, which I think all was a bit due to behing very tired this part of the race. This can be seen on my avaerage and maximal heartrate as well, which are 10 beats/min higher than normal.

Anyway, I managed to run us up in 3rd spot overall and 2nd spot in KM. Fun to run relay, and nice course and terrain. Next time I will try to be better physically prepaired.
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KM-stafett (25/08/2019) KM-stafett (25/08/2019)