Sprintliga #7 (31/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tonstad
Country: Norway
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.22 km
Time: 13:12
Average HR: 209
Maximum HR: 219
I was very unsure about the races this weekend after having problems with my left hamstrings since the beginning of August (forcing me to run less on hard surface and less high speed training, getting better and better though) and some stomach ache since Wednesday this week, but I hoped I could run.

The start of the race I was a bit unready, and stressed a bit too much. Started with taking the wrong routechoice to control 1, and out of control 1 got confused by all the stuff going on in the terrain that was not so easy to spot on the map. Instead of slowing down and understand it, I ran up a stair with ended in nothing and had to run back down. At control 2 I was therefore already 20s (!) behind Viktora. Better from here on, and the 2nd half was good except making a new mistake towards the 2nd last control. I had expected the 3rd last to be up the stair, but it was below, and I changed my routechoice due to that without really checking it. That costed me some spots and 6s or something, and I ended 4th 31s behind Viktoria, but only 9s behind 2nd, 2s behind 3rd. But also only 1s down to nr 5.

My hamstring did not really complain during the race, which was positive, but a bit sore afterwards.Physically I am not in my best shape, but nothing to do about that. I gave it what I had today.
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Sprintliga #7 (31/08/2019) Sprintliga #7 (31/08/2019)