Sprintliga #8 rerun (31/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tonstad
Country: Norway
Discipline: Sprint rerun
Distance: 3.12 km
Time: 12:21
Average HR: 208
Maximum HR: 219
I decided to give it a try, but with the plan to quit the race if the hamstrings complained, but it went ok so I ran the whole race. Stable and ok the whole race, just not fast enough today. Maybe I could have won some few seconds on taking left to the 6th and to the 5th, but decided to run what I had done in the morning all places this was not the longer route. Changed only to control 1 and to the 2nd last.

In black on the map below is my sprint in the morning.
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Sprintliga #8 rerun (31/08/2019) Sprintliga #8 rerun (31/08/2019)