Sprintliga #9 heat A (01/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ranheim
Country: Norway
Discipline: Sprint masstart
Distance: 3.45 km
Time: 13:55
Average HR: 200
Maximum HR: 210
A bit sore in my hamstrings in the morning, so decided to run the heat masstart in a controlled speed, and never do any fast accelerations or sprints, but keep it a small snap slower than I could.

The course had a "runners choice" forking, and I was quite fast in my decision. To the first control I felt I was rather fast in seeing the first route and was one of the first to run off towards the 1st control. However, I think the right routechoice was faster, and the others ran much faster, so I was 5s behind already there. To the 2nd I did not see the opening in the fence behind the building, so went left, but lost some seconds there (3s), but mostly do to speed I guess. To the 3rd I was the only one finding the shortest route, so I could close the gap a bit with the best split here and was only 3s behind and in the pack. To the 4th I decided to go right as did Viktoria, while the others went left, I guessed it was equal, but we lost a few seconds and meters. From the 5th the forking started, and since I punched the 5th control last, I saw that I was the only one heading for the right route to my control (but knew this could be due to forking). I therefore approached the 6th control first, but Ingeborg ran faster than me and we had the control at the same time eventhough she had taken the longer route. Ran infront together with Ingeborg towards the next controls which were rather easy. Andrine and Viktoria had had another forking which was longer in the first part and shorter in the 2nd part, so they came past us to the last control of the forking. Here I was 7s behind which was only 2s more than before the forking. To the 11th I might have taken the longer routechoice, but lost only some seconds and this might also have been speed only. Towards the arena passage it was a lot of running, and the others pushed hard and past me, and I was falling behind in the group. However, the others ran too fast away from the new startpoint (map change here), and I was back up in the front again. But I had not done my job well either and had not realized that the control was inside the football field and not outside. Therefore I had to take a short stop to read how to get to the control, and dropped down to the last spot again, but still getting the best split. To the 15th I did pick the wrong routechoice and dropped some more meters behind. I lost 6s here, and I was now 11s behind. Some of these 6s was also speed I think, and I thought that it was probably good bye for me. However, I picked the next control well, and at control 19th I was only 6s behind again and felt I was almost up again. However, here started the finish sprint and I did not want to push my hamstring with full sprinting towards the finish, so I just kept a steady pace and kept my position leaving the sprinting to the others.

My performance technically was ok, but not happy with the two controls after map change where I did not see the right control location and not with my route to the next control either. The rest was stable. I hope I have not forced my hamstrings too much this weekend, and anyway I will give it some rest for running tomorrow and keep up the strength training of it. It does not hurt during running, but it is sore after, so still some rehab to do.
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Sprintliga #9 heat A (01/09/2019) Sprintliga #9 heat A (01/09/2019)