O.morgen #144 (04/09/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bjølsen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 5.32 km
Time: 35:42
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 189
Nice sprint training in Nydalen. First we had to solve a Donald Duck crime while running up and down in a zigzag ramp and stairs. I did not manage to solve it in time.... After that line-o. Good way to focus while the intensity is fast. Difficult also. Then 5x10 controls with short legs, so rather intense orienteering with only some rest in between. During the line-o and the 5x10 controls we had to memorize the colors of 10 words in the right order which was written on the backside of the map. Tough to use the head for something completely different while executing the line or controls well. Fun training :)

Fell of the line once, and hard to say if I was inside everywhere since the gps is not so accurate in the city, but I think I managed more or less. The short controls also went well, but had some hesitations.
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O.morgen #144 (04/09/2019) O.morgen #144 (04/09/2019)