NM langdistanse (12/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vindoren
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 10.87 km
Time: 85:48
Average HR: 192
Maximum HR: 208
Not my day physically. Felt heavy and did not have the energy to push hard. Hesitate a lot to the first control (did not understand the vegitation nor the marshes), and the same to control 2. Wanted to run on the small path left of the little lake but came too low in the slope because the "yellow" I saw above me which I though was the yellow on the map was actually drawn as white forest. Realized first on the way to control 4 that open areas was not maped yellow as I had thought. Lost some time on this long leg to contorl 2, and I catched a glimps of Ingeborg into control 3, but never got her back. Small mistake into control 4, and ok to control 5, but very tired. Came through the 2nd loop without any big issues, but my pace was low. 7th place.

Not what I hoped for, but maybe expected. I have not focused on long distance this summer, and the fact that I had to be ready for the world champs means there has been a long time without solid training, and that is necessary for a long distance like today.
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NM langdistanse (12/09/2019) NM langdistanse (12/09/2019)