NM knock-out finale (21/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Verdal
Country: Norway
Discipline: Knock-out sprint
Distance: 2.46 km
Time: 8:58
Average HR: 202
Maximum HR: 212
Ran the easier routechoice to ctr 1, but it gets a bit crash with the runners going right to the control at the control. However, my easier route made it possible for me to be prepaired for the next, and when the others hesitated I took the lead towards control 2. The big group of 10 was more or less together here. The long leg to control 3 was rather boring with all routes basically the same length. I decided to run one corner less, but all the others went for the zigzag, and I was alone. I considered to turn, but felt I will loose time on turning and my route should be the same long. The others pushed hard when I did not see them, and I lost some 2-3s up to Ingeborg and Viktoria into control 3, kept pushing, but so did they, so the distance up stayed through the arena. Rather tired here, and I tried to keep pushing evenly hard and be enough ahead with the map reading to avoid mistakes. Mai was all next to me at the 3rd last control, and I started the finish sprint already there to try to get rid of her, and I did. I also came much closer to Ingeborg who had let Viktoria go towards the end, but it was a few meter too much to actually catch up with her. Was careful in the corner at the last control to get my punch, but it did not take, and I had to turn to punch the control again. Almost lost the bronze medal there do to the emiTag not working as it should...! We have to do something with this system, it is not to be counted on. Luckily I did not loose the medal on a technical fault, but such randomness is not ok. Every one watching saw that I did the punch as I should do it.

Anyway, congratz to the two girls in front of me, they were strong today.

That said, I personally felt the finale courses were too easy, there were almost no difficult controls, and too long easy legs which were easy in both chosing the routechoice and executing the leg... I hope we get much more technical courses in the WorldCup in Switzerland.

Additonally, the quarantine rules and borders were not clear and not overheld my almost anyone. People did their warm-up places which were marked as forbidden on the arena map, the juniors were alowed into the same quarantine as the runners who had not started yet, the map of the prologue was not taken in and more. I do believe that it is enough to tell everyone to be fair and not try to get information before the start, but especially when the borders of the quarantine and the rules for it is not clear it is a job to do. Here norsk orientering needs to be better in their quality control.

That said, I think the rest of the organization of everything was good, and there was no problems with fairness during the races.
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NM knock-out finale (21/09/2019) NM knock-out finale (21/09/2019)