NC masstart (22/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Garnes
Country: Norway
Discipline: Masstart
Distance: 6.93 km
Time: 50:54
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 205
Tired legs from 4 sprints in 2 days, but wanted to run a technical good race. Led out to control 1 and it was clear that everyone had a bit tired legs. Ingeborg and I took the lead towards control 2, and up the hill to control 3 we got a small gap. We had the same forking and ran well, and catched up with the others at the 2nd control who everyone had eventhough we had taken a control more than the others. We ran well the rest also, and got out of the forking one leg before the others. I was first and wanted to use the road eventhough the way down there seemed a bit rough. I was a bit disappointed that Ingeborg did not follow me, but stayed to my plan anyway. It was nice to not have to lift my legs so high on the road, and into the control I came the backway and knew that I would see Ingeborg if the straight option was faster. I was all alone punching the 9th control, and knew that I probably was first. The next control went well, but to the next I droppet a bit further down the slope than I wanted, and the green stripes were slow to run in. Felt like I did not move forward at all. Up into the control I hesitated a bit, but found it down where I thought it would be. To the 12th it was again a lot of green stripes, but I found a good passage over the hill the first part, but the 2nd part I zigzag a bit too much, but have no problems to find the control. To the 13th I hesitated a bit, and the 14th was rather easy since I had already seen it on the way to start. Thought first that I was done with the race entering the arena, but realized fast that it was a second loop. Here the speaker told me that I was first, and that my gap was about 40s. I knew Ingeborg would be able to see my back up to the first control, but I tried to push up the hill. A bit of hesitation into the 17th, and out of it I did not see the fence first and ran a bit down the path first. Realized and climbed the fence, and ran down the slope. Down there it was water everywhere so I thought I had already come to the stream before hte control, but got confused when the terrain on the other side did not matched. Saw the stream ahead of me and found the control after some hesitation. Was a bit stressed that my hesitation will give Ingeborg the chance to get my back, so I tried to keep a high speed and was very careful towards the 19th control. Also here it was wet and standing water everywhere, but I found it without problems and tried to keep a high pace towards the last control. Could run in without seeing Ingeborg, and won the race. Nice to take the masstart home.
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NC masstart (22/09/2019) NC masstart (22/09/2019)