World Cup Middle (27/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stürmenchopf
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.34 km
Time: 42:09
Average HR: 199
Maximum HR: 210
Stable technical performance most of the course, and a solid 9th place in the end.

Started out safely, by running to the road crossing before going down the slope, and saw the control early. To the 2nd control I went for the path again taking no risk in the green, and ran all the way on the road until I could run straight down into it. To the 3rd control I took my time to read the routechoices well, and decided to go up first, but then take the left routechoice. But what I did not know was that I was reading to control 11 and not control 3, and approaching control 11 I started to climb up the steep hill and wanted to read to the next control. Realized halfway up the slope that I was reading to the wrong control, and went down again to the path and continued to the 3rd. Irritated on myself. A bit unsure if I should go down to the road to the 4th but decided to run in the slope which went well. To the 5th I decided to go down to the road eventhough I got some extra climb on the road. A bit unsure into the control, but found it. 6th was rather easy and it was also some paths from the previous runners which was helpful. The 7th was also rather easy downwards on the path, but the green before the contorl pushed me a bit too much to the left and I got a small corner without searching the control. Up the slope to the 8th and 9th was tough physically, it was steep and not easy to run, got a camera behind me here, but kept calm and focused on finding the controls. To the 10th I thought there would be a path on the top of the hill, but could not find it when I came there and since the line was covering it I decided to run the slope below the cliffs. Not so nice runability here, but found the control without problems. Down towards control 11 I hesitated a lot and felt it was much more cliffs and much further than expected, but found it in the end without making a mistake. Lost some time on hesitation though. To the 12th I decided to go up on the path before going down and found a good way down the slope towards the control. To the 13th I got a bit nervous that I would get stuck in the green stripes and went up to the second road a bit too early loosing some seconds, but got the control very well. The same with the 14th. To the 15th I ran 1m past my path and had to turn in the first road crossing, and then the path was very bad with some trees lying over it, so at the next road I decided to take the road instead. Into the control I went out just at the corner and found it well. Unsure to the 16th, but decided to take the small path down to the road below and follow it. However, the zigzag was slow and I was pretty sure that I had taken the slower option while running the last part to the finnish. Abit irritated about my routechoice and my stupid extra hill towards the 3rd, I did not expect to get a good results. So it was a suprise to hear that I was currently 3rd. In the end I had only 37s up to the top 6 (the diplomas).
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World Cup Middle (27/09/2019) World Cup Middle (27/09/2019)