World Cup Sprint (29/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Laufen
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.75 km
Time: 15:18
Average HR: 199
Maximum HR: 209
Always nice to run sprint in Switzerland with a lot of people and interesting sprint courses. Definitely a bit tired legs today after yesterdays knockout sprint and friday's middle distance, but was ready to give my best today anyway. Started out well, but got a runner who was on the last loop infront of me in the narrow streets and was a bit slowed down in the very first part (nothing big), but came through the first loop in a good way. On the second loop we got directly a long routechoice and I was not sure but went for the right option. Was a bit too fast when entering the old town after the new startpoint and went to the left earlier than planned, but don't think that was a very bad thing. Hesitatet a bit after the road passage to understand where to go in, but found it. To the 10th I went right, but realized after the finish that it was possible to run a bit shorter to the left, but did well on my option. The 11th was easy, and to the 12th I decided to go all around to the right. Did not understand the construction area towards starting halfway to the control (drawn with olive and fences), and stopped way too early. Very confused I hesitated more, but went one more. But there I did not see the opening which I had wanted to run in and turned and went for the stairs instead. Very confused here, and decided to go the same way out to the 13th (maybe also not the best choice?) and again I was a bit unsure where to run down to the control. More construction works here, and I struggled to the 14th as well as to find back through the 13th control to the 15th. Also the passage down along the yellow park looked different than expected and I hesitated again. Better after that and could finish without problems from half way to the 15th until the finish. 5th in the finish, but only 13s up to the leader at that time point. I knew I had lost at least so much on all my struggeling the control 12-14, but happy to be that close anyway. In the end I ended 11th with only 17s up to the podium and the 3rd place. Very close race, except of Tove who was clearly the best and Elena that was clearly 2nd best. I was 1 min behind Tove.
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World Cup Sprint (29/09/2019) World Cup Sprint (29/09/2019)