World Cup Knockout Sprint Semi-final (28/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Laufen
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Knock-out sprint
Distance: 1.67 km
Time: 6:30
Average HR: 134
Maximum HR: 150
Knockout sprint semi-final. Was a bit too focused on my map towards the start triangle, but looked up and closed the gap up to Tove, but not to Viktoria before the start triangle. Knew it was the forking directly and went for the diagnoal over the parking lot. Irritated that it was full of cars I just tried to move forward as quick as I could. Was therefore suprised when the other who had gone straight away from the start triangle came very quickly from the right and got to the passage between the buildings first. Was therefore in the very backend of the pack there and lost valueble meters and seconds up to Tove and Viktoria. Tried to push hard to get up to them again, but got Paula and Lotta inbetween and was blocked from sprinting up to the leaders. At the end of the forking Martina passed by as well, and I was still 6th. On the routes to control 6 and 7 I was not sure what was best, and did not dare to take my own route. I think afterwards that I should have tried already there because it was too narrow and too many turnes to really get any closer to the leaders otherwise and actually the leaders did not take the best options on both these legs. Anyway I stayed with the others and tried to advance in the group. Managed to pass Lotta at the road passage towards control and pushed hard here to closer to the others. Ran with Paula the other routechoice to control 11 and gained some meters to the leaders, and to the 12th I went alone on the left route and passed Paula and could secure the 4th place. Anyway, too many meters and seconds up to the 3 runners in front, and actually I think the train went already over the parkinglot.

Here the organizers had made passages through the cars, but not on the diagnoal but a bit further up (more square), and it was not marked on the map. Lucky for the others they had seen it by parking for the quarantine while I had not. I therefore did not know about it and it was not clear in the terrain. I mean it is a organizers mistake to put in this unfairness into the competitions, and I did not really get the chance to fight for these finale places. Anyway, Tove, Martina and Viktoria were super strong, and it would have been tough anyway. 11th position in the end.
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World Cup Knockout Sprint Semi-final (28/09/2019) World Cup Knockout Sprint Semi-final (28/09/2019)