World Cup Knockout Prologue (28/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Zwingen
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint knockout
Distance: 2.45 km
Time: 10:35
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 206
Three heats, with parallel starts. Started out with Paula (the third runner was not there) and thought the first control would be ok, but it was more tricky than expected. Cars in front of the stairs made it difficult to spot and it was more stuff going on in the terrain than expected. Took an extra stop and found my way. To the 2nd control I was pretty sure left was shorter, but had overlooked that the road was blocked with a fence, and was not so sure anymore. Ok to 3rd, but out of the 3rd I was a bit too fast and turned back instead of going straight (not a big mistake but anyway). To the 4th I had also overseen the fence blocking the bridge and had also not realized that this bridge was possible to pass underneath as well. Was therefore suprised when I came to the fence at the bridge and had to stop to make a new plan. Found it and also realized that i could run underneath the bridge on the way back. Ok to the 5th and 6th control, but not so fast to the 7th with a little bit too much stopping to find the way. Maybe the left option would have been better because it would be easier. From here on I got into a better flow technically and therefore also physically, and could push a bit harder. A little hesitation into control 16 due to a bush hiding the control, but the rest was stable and I finished in 3rd spot. Ended 3rd in the heat in the end, and well qualified for the quarter finals.
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World Cup Knockout Prologue (28/09/2019) World Cup Knockout Prologue (28/09/2019)