World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal part 2 (28/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Zwingen
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint knockout
Distance: 1.16 km
Time: 4:41
Average HR: 206
Maximum HR: 211
Had Tove infront of me in and out of control 6 (start triangle), and went for my forking and was alone again at control 7. Kept on running alone, and picked my controls well. Into the 12th control I was alone, and first started to read back to the start triangle again, but realzied quicly and headed for the 13th control. Out on the straight road I saw Tove infront of me, and assumed that I was 2nd. I had a gap down towards the next runners, and tried to keep a high speed but with full focus on the technical job. Tove was too fare ahead to get any help technically from her, but I picked the 13th well, and found my way out to the bridge. Hesitated a bit from the bridge towards the last control, but had a clear gap and could slow down a bit in the finish sprint and was 2nd in the heat.

With that I qualified for my first ever semi-final in a knock-out sprint in the world cup. I have tried a couple of times before during the nordic tours, but have always been knocked-out in the quarter finals. Nice with a debute :) The heavily forked courses with everyone having a different course was definitly to my advantage, and I am happy with my performance in this heat!
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World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal part 2 (28/09/2019) World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal part 2 (28/09/2019)