WCup China || Sprint Relay (27/10/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nanhai Movie & TV town
Country: China
Discipline: Sprint relay
Leg: 1
Distance: 3.28 km
Time: 13:44
Average HR: 203
Maximum HR: 212
Ran the 1st leg for Norway team 2, with Audun, Emil and Ingeborg on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th leg. I started out well, and had almost catched up with the front at the 1st control. Did not see that there was fences on the overbuilding and lost many positions again before I could escape it again before the bridge towards the 2nd. Could pass some runners again, and closed up to Tove and Victoria infront of me. To the 3rd I felt it was 50/50 to go left/right, so went left after Tove/Victoria. A bit disappointed when they had the shorter forking and I had to go further right to get mine. A bit unsure about the hedge towards control 4, but saw that all the others jumped it, so I jumped it as well after some hesitation. To the 5th I felt it was forked (but actually Tove and some more runners made a mistake here). To the 5th it was forked, and I felt it split up a lot. I took my controls almost alone, but down towards the 8th I saw some runners again. Got Tove some meters ahead of me up the stairs, and tried to push to keep up with her, but could not close the gap to her. At the 9th I had Tove, Simona and Victoria with a small gap infront of me, and I thought it had to be the lead and it was. Was 8s behind at the arena passage, and tried to push hard to keep the three infront of me insight. Decided early to go right on the long leg, and did eventhough the others went left. They were anyway too fare ahead for me to gain anything from them. Lost 12s to Tove from arena passage to the 13th control, but only 3 and 5 to Victoria and Simona. Good finish keeping up the same pace as Tove (more or less) and could change over as 4th, 22s behind. In the end that was 8th best time of all women (1st and last leg). Happy with my performance.

The team ended on a good 10th spot after solid performances from everyone. All 4 norwegian teams ended top 16, with NOR1 as good as 3rd. Good day for Norway.
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WCup China || Sprint Relay (27/10/2019) WCup China || Sprint Relay (27/10/2019)