Sprint Camp #3 - prologue (15/01/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mendrisio
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.1 km
Time: 9:36
Average HR: 197
Maximum HR: 211
Masstart. Was fast to pick my route but did not see that the 1st control was above the wall and not at the house corner. Realized first at the house corner , but lucky for me I had a gap and came just infront of the others to the control. Pick also the wrong routechoice to ctrl 2, but I am fast and have full control. Good also the following legs, and build up a small gap. Pick the wrong to control 6, but nothing big, and meet the others out of control 7. Get catched by the guys into control 8 and towards and into 9, but finish well anyway.
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Sprint Camp #3 - prologue (15/01/2020) Sprint Camp #3 - prologue (15/01/2020)