Sprint Camp #3 - 1st leg (15/01/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mendrisio
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.9 km
Time: 13:41
Average HR: 199
Maximum HR: 208
Take command from the start and see the left route fast and go for it. Realized that it was a bit longer than the middle routechoice, but everyone comes with me. Get a small gap into control 2 because two of the others had an other forking to control 1, keep on running well, but get picked up again at control 5. Keep the command and run well to control 6. To control 7 noone saw the best route (to go back and up), but we picked the next best. I got a small gap here, and when Ingeborg who was closest made a mistake to control 9 I got the back free. Kept the lead untill the finish with running stable.
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Sprint Camp #3 - 1st leg (15/01/2020) Sprint Camp #3 - 1st leg (15/01/2020)